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Hello everybody,
My name is Alessandro Veglio, I’m the son of the owners of the family holidays. l'm a young oenologist and my aim and my dream is to produce and sell my own wine..
In 2005 my dream started to became real with the help of a wine producer friend of mine and the efforts and dedication of my parents. So I started my "experiment". it means to produce a small number of bottles to understand and improve the potential of the grapes of the family's vineyards. The result of this first trial were quite encouraging and let me think that l'm along the right way. The first test of my wines was with the guests of the farm holidays, and the outcomes were excellent.
Now 1 have to improve my project, that is grow the number of bottles produced and create my own market trying to offer to people who loves wine a product with the best quality 1 can, given also by the extraordinary qualities of the land where I was born. l'm going to built and equip my own cellar within 2008 hoping that, in a day not so far to come, this passion could become my profession on, maintaining the same enthusiasm of today. The family vineyards consist in 3 hectares of land cultivated for 1 half with Nebbiolo da Barolo vines, the other half parted between Dolcetto and Barbera vines and a small part of Langhe Nebbiolo.
As I said my production in 2005 was really small, consisting in 1 thousand bottles of Dolcetto d'Alba doc and 1 thousand bottles of Barbera d'Alba doc. Starting from September 2007 I will begin to sell the vintage 2006 for Barbera d'Alba and Dolcetto d'Alba and the Langhe doc Nebbiolo 2005, with a sensible increase of the number of bottles produced. l'm working also on Barolo docg , because in 2005 and 2006 I reserved a part of my Nebbiolo da Barolo and at the moment it's ageing in Barriques waiting for 2009 when my Barolo will be ready
to be released on the market. What can I say more after all this presentation? I can say that the wine in made to be drunk so I will be glad to host you in my family holidays to taste together my wines and know what you will think about them.

Hoping to meet you soon…

Alessandro Veglio




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